College – Another Chapter?


*Sighs* As far as I know it life has been going pretty fast for me. I mean come to think of it I remember getting my Free London Travel Card and thinking it doesn’t expire until next few Years. I took another look at it recently, only to find out that it runs out this month! Probably before I blink I will be packing my bags for university.

Anyway, before university I have got college to deal with. I’ll be starting this Thursday. Am I looking forward to it? Umm, well I have mixed feelings about it. It’s like I am looking forward to it but I’m not at the same time.

I know I have to be 100 times more serious now and work my hardest even though there will be a lot of distractions.

My secondary school has a sixth form, but I avoided going there as I felt  there were forcing a sixth into the school, probably to get extra funds from the government, I personally think the space and facilities are insufficient for a sixth form.

On the other hand, I also wanted a fresh start to meet new people, different environment and also get away from some annoying people. And Guess what? Last week as I went for my enrolment day I unluckily see quite a few people from my secondary school that I had thought I was getting away from who are attending my college. I had seriously mentally erased them from my life! I was thinking fresh start then BAM! Here they are again. Well that’s life anyway it never goes as planned always; I just have to get around it and make it work for me.

Nonetheless, I will be social and make some new friends but on top of my agenda is to come out with the grades I have been hoping for.

Thanks for Reading………..


Results Day

So the GCSE results day finally came.

I was dreading it even though I knew that I had worked and strived really hard during the exam period, and I made sure I revised for around 4 hours a day. I tried not to think about it the day before but I couldn’t help it in the moment.

I came to a conclusion that I would have to take whatever my results were like a man, after all they were the results of the effort I made and no one else’s.

So on the day, I went to school, astonishingly not feeling as nervous as I was the night before. I was still a little bit anxious though.

As I was on my way, I met this dude which was in the same science class as me, who I thought was quite intelligent and who I was expecting to get one of the best grades. Regrettably he didn’t even get a pass; I could read the frustration on his face.

Well I tried to still be positive as I saw a few more petrified faces at my schools entrance. To cut the long story short, I went in and got the envelope which contained my results, I quickly opened it impatiently. This was just the beginning of it all. Well I opened it and I was happy with it but not satisfied as I know that I could have done much better.

Complaining will do no good. Well, I have made up my mind to come out of college with all A’s and A*, yes I know it is a big task but hopefully with hard work and prayer I will achieve this God helping me.

I bet you are thinking ‘’yes, but what did you get?’’ well sadly I didn’t get any A’s but I didn’t fail any of my subjects so figure it out.

Thank you for reading.

A Halt to Man City’s Premier League Campaign?

So, the long awaited season has finally started. To we football fanatics what looked like ages is finally here and once again it hasn’t failed to entertain us.Image

Well, last night Manchester City were able to secure a win 3-2 at home against newly promoted Premier League side Southampton. Unfortunately for them Sergio Aguero picked up a nasty knee injury within the first few minutes of the game and he was carried off the pitch and replaced by his team mate Dzeko who was able to help City equalise in the 72nd  minute of the game before Samir Nasri sealed victory for the home side.

They might have started this season well as they hoped but Aguero is a crucial part of their campaign and they will need him if they are to contend for the Premier League title again. Sergio is yet to have a scan on his injured knee but he’ll be praying it isn’t too serious or Mancini would have to device a change in plans by probably bringing in someone new before the transfer season is over. It is thought that Mancini has been eyeing Swansea Scott Sinclair, Napoli’s Edinson Cavani and Athletic Bilbao’s Fernando Llorente.

Will they be able to cope with their challenges without Aguero? Lets wait and see…..

ManU caught Robin from Arsenal

Manchester United Welcome Robin Van Persie

I wish RVP good luck at his new club. I personally admire his humility and some of his player qualities.

Most fans are distraught at him leaving but,at least Arsenal are better prepared than last season when they waited for the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to leave before realising it was too late to fix up the squad. This time they are better prepared with signings like Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud to be followed by the new creative talent, Santi Cazorla.

Van Persie is arguably a great player but he is getting old for arsenal who prefer young talent and £23m for an injury prone 29 year old player is quite a fair deal.

The fans have foreseen this over the past three months but they still cant digest the reality of it, in my opinion he might be missed but they might just get on fine without him. Although some would have preferred if he was sold to a less direct rival like a foreign club – just not in the Premier league.

Well, Reports show that Wayne Rooney is happy and welcomes the idea of RVP imagine the partnership with each individual scoring over 30 goals last season . Now Robin can end his drought of winning no trophies in 7 years.

Who is worthy of being crowned captain now that RVP is gone?